Preaching Pals! Ready or not, here it comes! It’s time to make preparations for the Third Sunday in Lent. My schedule is a bit lighter as I am sharing monologues featuring people in the Bible on Sunday mornings as we hear from Peter, Martha, Lazarus, and Thomas, to name a few, but your schedule may feel anything but light. Remember you are not alone. Your Rev Gals and Pals are here to help. Are you preaching from the Narrative Lectionary? Are you studying the Revised Common Lectionary where Jesus throws the merchants out of the temple?  Share your questions, thoughts or a link to your sermon in the comments as we journey to Sunday together, but definitely take a moment to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation around you. The snow is melting here in Wisconsin, the window to my office is open and the birds are calling in the distance.  It’s lovely.

Lori Kleppe is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America currently serving two rural congregations in southwest Wisconsin. She previously served as a military chaplain in the United States Navy wearing the uniforms of all the sea services- the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Prior to seminary, Lori worked in education where she found middle school students to be a joy. Lori and her husband Gregg live in a parsonage with one cat and two French Bulldogs.  They enjoy rural life, glamping, and visiting their adult sons in the city.

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3 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Flipping Tables and Finding Lost Things

  1. How are you doing gals and pals? I pray your day leaves you satisfied with all that was accomplished and even with the never done ‘to do’ list. I look forward to reading your sermons even as they are still in a draft stage.


  2. Mostly done. Talking about turning the tables on abuse of power. I’ll sleep on it for a concluding sentence, but I’m too tired to think at this point. It’s just after midnight, so I’m going to bed. Sleep well ….


    1. I hope your concluding sentence, inspired by a night’s sleep, was all you hoped it to be. Have a great week!


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