I watched a video today. Of all of us, a whole big group of us, from all different places, gathered in one space. We were being silly and sassy, goofy and fun. There was nudging and hugging and big, open-mouth laughing that day. I remember whispering in on friend’s ear. I remember singing, all together, in a big, loud room, sharing made-up harmonies. I remember touching a friend’s shoulder, playfully. And snagging chocolates from an open dish. It was one year ago. Before all of this. And watching that video, I realized how different everything is now. How different we are now. How different I am now. God, I thank you for the ways you’ve sustained us during this long pandemic. I am thankful for technology and internets and vaccines and masks. And also, I missing being silly and goofy and singing together and making-up harmonies and whispering and nudging and living life in person together. Holy God. Be with us as we keep keeping safe. Be with us as crawl toward mass vaccinations. Be with us as we lament the past and grieve so much loss. Be with us as we reimagine life together again. And mostly, be with us in whatever comes next.
Be with us.
Be with us.
Be with us.

The Rev. Erin Counihan serves as pastor at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. She blogs at http://www.somewhatreverend.wordpress.com and is a contributor to the RevGals book.

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One thought on “Thursday Prayer

  1. This is a wonderful memory and prayer!! I am also mindful than many of us who are introverted or are survivors miss seeing friends across a room or table, community that is aware of boundaries and asks before hugging that is in person but not -in-your face. Just a slightly different video of the heart but as intense. thank you again.


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