Table-turning God,
your turning of the tables is not popular here;
your emphasis on love instead of power is considered foolish;
your righteous anger in the face of despicable behavior
adds fuel to the fire.
They are waiting to crucify us
just as they crucified you.
Grant us wisdom.
Grant us courage.

Zealous and faithful God,
your call for the deconstruction of unfair systems
send the powerful fleeing to dark corners
where plots are hatched
and coups are planned.
They are looking for opportunities
to destroy the kin-dom.
Grant us wisdom.
Grant us courage.

Temple-clearing God,
your insistence upon prayer as the heart of worship,
your teachings about the last being first
and the least being greatest
shake the very foundations of a capitalist society.
Compassion is hoarded as furiously as money.
The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer …
and sicker …
and more discouraged
every day.
Grant us wisdom.
Grant us courage.

Resurrecting God,
your light shines in the darkness;
your grace overcomes adversity;
your love will rule the day.
If you are for us, God, no one can be against us.
Therefore, strengthen us, we pray,
for every battle we face
that threatens the promise peace in this world.
Grant us wisdom.
Grant us courage.

Julie Gvillo is Commissioned Pastor (PCUSA) and Founder and Creative Executive Director of A Place of Grace. Julie shares liturgy written on RCL passages each week on her blog, Point of Contact: Where Life and Worship Intersect.

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