So here we are! Jesus makes his approach to Jerusalem; the crowds go wild! Tree branches are waved and laid; small children run along in excitement…

You may be beginning in-person worship after the lockdown – this is very possible in Scotland as our restrictions are lifted a little from Friday. You may already be in your building; or maybe you are still on-line? Do you livestream from an empty building? Or maybe the whole thing is prerecorded and you are rushing to get that done today, tonight, or tomorrow morning?

Maybe you are reading the Passion this week for those who only worship Sunday- Sunday and miss all the events of Holy Week?

Whatever you do; you will find help and wisdom on these pages: the RCL notes page is here. There is also a NL exploration here; and if you are looking for some ideas for your prayers and liturgies have a look here.

Whatever you are doing, and whenever you are doing it, please join in below. Comment, ask questions, share ideas… it is Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins, and we can all get through this together!

Julie Rennick is a minister in the Church of Scotland; she lives and works in the central area of Scotland. She has a mad spaniel who keeps her active.

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8 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Palm Sunday

  1. Tabi! Now I remember. Did you keep the puppies?

    (Someone else is preaching on Palm Sunday, so I don’t have a sermon to write this week.)


  2. I just wrote a blog post about spring break with hopes that any writing will get me going on thew writing I need to do. I’m hoping to sermonize about Palms and festivals and the in-between times right now. Palm Sunday will be live-streamed, but we are planning to meet outside, in-person on Easter, but it won’t be the Easter service people know and love. I’m thinking about in-between times, about Holy Week, about starting things new and doing things differently. I have ideas, but right now no thread to pull them all together. I think I need to just start writing. –Wendy

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    1. This week my student is preaching; we recorded yesterday and he has written a brilliant Palms to Passion sermon. Thankful for a little extra time. I hear you – sometimes just writing any words is enough of a beginning

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  3. We’re hybrid these days – half in the room, half or more on Facebook live. We’re starting with the triumphal entry and then reading some bits of Mark 14 & 15, so palm/passion, which I’ve not done before. We’re not singing yet, so a soloist will sing All Glory Laud and Honor at the beginning, and another soloist will sing Were You There at the end. I can’t seem to get the refrain from Hamilton “the world turned upside down” out of my head, so that has become the theme of the message. (If only I could rap like Lin Manuel Miranda.) I have several journal pages of sermon-like material, so I’m mediumly done…but I’m super distractable and the sun is out for the first time in days….

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  4. Good morning all. It is Saturday – for me, here in Scotland it is just after noon. I am at my desk, editing together all the various recorded elements for tomorrow’s service. It will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as I get my act together


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