I’m running and running. Like a bad dream. If I slow down my own shaking scares me more. I am running and trying to pray but words have left me—all sucked into fear that the worst is not over. I keep running. My side aches. Still running. The landscape changes. I have run a long way. Far enough now to be running into more than away from. Running into a remembered message the white-robed man asked me to deliver and I want to believe but just don’t know how, yet. The sun is rising and I feel my body slowing down. I cannot run anymore. I cannot. Damp with dew and fear and tears and sweat I am still. Something has happened. I am awake. This is no dream. I ran as hard and as fast and as far as I could. I ran. But someone has caught up and overtaken me. I know you. And you know me. But how? Has Love stronger than death chased me out of fear and into what might be faith? I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned. Amen.


Diane Strickland is in her 33rd year as an ordained minister now serving in The United Church of Canada as retired clergy. She is a Certified Community and Workplace Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Specialist-Therapist, and Critical Incident Responder in private practice.

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