Hey there, Preachers!  I’m a long time partier, but first time hostess.  

I’m pretty chuffed to be doing my first baptism among the folks I am currently serving, even if it will be Covid-style.  This baby arrived a bit ahead of schedule back in July and was prayed over by many while we were scattered.  It will be extra sweet to welcome her officially into the family when we gather out on the back lawn of the church Sunday.  Thank goodness the font is portable!

Less exciting?  Figuring out how to segue from the Narrative Lectionary text with the stoning of Stephen.  Joanna’s prompts on the NL post this week have me thinking about the ways we build up, protect and tear down our leaders and prophets. I was also intrigued by the conversation on the BibleWorm podcast about the divisions that seem to happen in our communities of faith (in this case around language and culture) and faith traditions.  Hmmm…. 

There’s an abundance of riches in the RCL this week, including hungry Jesus (might be a good followup to incognito Jesus on the way to Emmaus last week).  Alicia’s RCL post had me thinking about just how hard it is for us to put ourselves into the disciples’ place as they processed grief and amazement in those early days… and yet, maybe that is part of the liminality of our current pandemic-weary, vaccine-wary, maybe-we’re-almost-there state.  So much to grieve, so much progress, so much still makes no sense.

I could be persuaded to go off-lectionary or maybe even drop the sermon and extend our time at the font, inviting all generations to consider what it takes to stay wet as baptized followers of Jesus.  Or even open up a time of prayer for folks to fill with their own questions, celebrations, and concerns.  

A cast iron dutch oven filled with vegetable curry, sitting on a white stovetop.  Ready to be virtually shared.
Come on over, especially if you’ve got some naan.

I’m not sure I’m any closer to having a sermon to preach Sunday.  I do have some curry that I prepped last night (thanks to a recipe shared by way of a RevGals Big Event)?  I might have some leftover Easter candy, too.

Come on over, share some snacks, and drop an idea or three in the comments.  You never know who you might inspire.   

Rev. Laura Viau is a word nerd, bear collector and triathlete who answered God’s call to congregational ministry after a couple of careers.  So far, her focus has been with churches in transition, currently serving as interim at a PC(USA) congregation on the southern coast of North Carolina.  She blogs way too infrequently these days at The Viau From Here.

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One thought on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Where To Go From Here?

  1. Blessings, Laura, on your first baptism in this congregation — in a time of Covid, too! Hope all goes well.

    I am wiggling the RCL lectionary to compare the Emmaus appearance and the appearance in Jerusalem a few hours later. Title: “Is That You, Jesus?”


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