Dear God,

I don’t know if this is anything, or not. Your biggest fattest robin I’ve ever seen just tapped at my window. She did not fly against the glass by accident but tapped it with her beak. I didn’t imagine it, surely, God. She was dusted in your snow just like I was a few minutes ago outside with the dog. Now that I’m inside and warm I think she wanted me to see her, wearing your snow and yet ripe with your spring.

These are precarious times, my God. How easily a dust of snow can settle me back into “before.” Before. It’s always leaking into “now” and grasping after “future”, too.

Before. Before spring. Before new life. Before Easter came to stay, but, oh God, sometimes I don’t believe Easter stayed, after all. And it doesn’t matter why I don’t believe because there is always a different why to kick Easter out.

But, tell me, could it ever be that a ripe robin tapping at my window is truer truth than all these other “why’s.” Is the whole world ripe with Easter even when it is spring and still dusted in snow?

My heart says yes, God. Whatever befalls. It is Easter. Amen.


Diane Strickland is in her 33rd year as an ordained minister now serving in The United Church of Canada as retired clergy. She is a Certified Community and Workplace Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Specialist-Therapist, and Critical Incident Responder in private practice.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Prayer

  1. Hi Diana, thank you so much for your Monday Prayer. I think I really needed it so much. One question: what is compassion fatigue? Maybe I’ve a bit distracted, but I’ve never had it jump out at me so much until this morning. Thank you again!


      1. Sorry I missed your question! Compassion fatigue is secondary trauma + burnout in standard definition. Burnout is defined as when we perceive the presenting need exceeds our available resources (whether that is an accurate perception of available resources or not) I add “emotional labour and moral stress beyond our capacity to bear” to the standard definition. That’s a place to begin.


        1. That makes sense. I think I experienced it when teaching for 29 years , and it helps to put a name with it. Thank you again, and I am so thankful that God sent her pretty little robin to cheer and encourage you!


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