Creator God, Oh Holy One, who loves differences and made the world delightfully diverse, thank you. Help your creature, especially we humans, who fall away from your expansive love for variety and instead treat some people as more valuable than other people. Help us to see the beauty, the grace, the vibrancy, the life! In the rich diversity of creation, in the many different people who inhabit this earth, your body and our home. Help us to see you in the face of the other where the differences we see are the gifts you give us. Black, brown, white, and every shade in between, gay, straight, bi, trans, and all expressions of human kind, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Shik, and all faiths, individually and all together reflecting your image – from whom we are created. On this day, and every day, I try to see the gorgeous beauty of this world, and give thanks to the Divine One and her creative imagination that breathed all of this into being. May we strive to love it all as You do. Amen.

The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski is an Episcopal priest serving a church in Dearborn, MI. She is a long time blogger ( and member of the RevGalBlogPals since 2006.

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