Lilacs  in a glass vase
Lilacs in my grandma’s vase

Holy One,

These are tender moments. The seasons move from winter to spring (or summer to autumn) and we are caught up in the process. Each fresh breeze captivates. We turn the corner and there are new vistas, changes that come seemingly overnight.

A part of us wishes… for things to stay the same. We want our lives to be as they always were. We cling to tradition and preferences, even if they offend. We stifle growth. We mourn renewal – because it means we must give up the old ways for new ways that are for our best, for the betterment of your Kindom.

Fresh Wind of the Spirit, guide us to a place of resilience and peace, of life-giving joy and abandon.

Bring us to a place of repentance. Show us our blind spots. Give us the courage to change. Remind us of the vibrant and contagious stories of your love.

Show us our roots. Show us our heritage of grace and welcome. Show us the way to welcome others into this life of hope and peace.

Wipe away our fears as we walk these swiftly passing days with you.


Rev. Deborah Vaughn, BCC is a chaplain endorsed by the Alliance of Baptists. She lives with her family in Maryland and presently serves as a hospice chaplain and in pulpit supply. She is a herder of cats, and remains a die-hard Ohio State fan. You can find more of her writing at An Unfinished Symphony.

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