Image of a woman on a cliff overlooking a valley filled with trees, surrounded by mountains.

Another Monday has come, O Lord,

and we are unprepared for another week.

We’re still feeling the echoes of yesterday’s

worship words and feeling the exhaustion

of navigating Zoom, or prerecording, or negotiating

in person in these lingering days of pandemic.

The sighs are deep, our bodies are tired.

And, yet, you call us into new life in this Easter season –

Resurrection for our tired bodies and weary spirits –

New life for your Body gathered in and reshaped by

sickness, grief, isolation, fear, and so much more.

Let us breathe deeply of your Spirit on this Monday

and exhale all that binds us to exhaustion, despair, or

ambivalence and apathy. Fill us with the Light of Life,

the possibility of all things. Lead us to those still waters

and green pastures as your joy overflows our cups.

May we have the courage to follow you on the path of life,

through the valleys of denial into times of integrity and justice.

Lift our focus from all that weighs us down

to the beauty and wonders of your creation,

eloquently singing praise to you.

Meet us wherever we are on this day.

Awaken us to your presence in the turning of the seasons,

the power of the wind, the warmth of the sun,

the cleansing of the rain, the intricacy of the snow.

May we recognize you in ourselves,

and in all our neighbors.

Hear our gratitude for this day and all the possibilities it holds.

Guide us through all that comes so that no blessing

goes unnoticed and no neighbor goes unseen.

We pray in the name of the One sent to teach us how to Love

one another. Amen.

Photo: CC0image by Free-photos

Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe is an author and the pastor of Living Table United Church of Christ in Minneapolis, MN. You can find links to her blog, video series, and books at

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