Image of chalk drawing of a world map with rainbow colored paperdoll-type figures in the foreground. The background is black.

Holy One, in this moment we remember that you are the God of all our days – lamenting or rejoicing days, working or leisure days, busy or relaxing days, cold or warm days, sick or healthy days – you are with us through it all. You have witnessed every human breath, all the while delighting in our joys and yearning for us to turn to you in our wanderings.

Remind us in this moment – no matter what is happening or not – you are with us, claiming us as your own beloved. There is nothing we can do or leave undone that will change or remove your love for us. May we breathe a little more deeply, trusting in your presence.

In these anxious days in which so many want to act as if pandemic is over, keep us mindful of our neighbor’s needs, no matter what our governments might say. As your Body, we are to care for the most vulnerable among us. As restrictions lift in many cities, states, and countries around the world, help us to remember children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated, people with immunocompromise, those who cannot be vaccinated, and those form whom the vaccine doesn’t work… We are one in you. Keep us patient, and loving of our neighbors until it is safe for all.

While we are concerned for those near to us, we also pray for people in India and other parts of the world who are overcome with COVID. Move our world leaders to manage vaccine distribution and that of other needful resources with equity and justice in mind.

Holy One who is present in all our moments, we lift up to you all the broken places in our lives and in our world and pray for healing, for wholeness. May today be the day we move a little closer to your vision for the unity of Creation.

We pray in gratitude and praise for the power of your Love.


Photo: CC0image by Gerd Altmann

Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe is an author and the pastor of Living Table United Church of Christ in Minneapolis, MN. You can find links to her blog, video series, and books at

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