Now that my congregation has shifted back to live and live-streamed Sunday, my Thursdays have gone back to being Thursday again (instead of Sunday Part 1), so my sermonizing can happen later in the week.  Except… summer and quasi-post-pandemic schedule upheaval means I’m here on Wednesday, carving out a chunk of Thursday for chasing the sermon fairy, bribing the Holy Spirit and telling the monkey in my brain to chill.   

I suspect I am not entirely alone in attempting to re-navigate and re-negotiate time in this re-emergent season of church-life.

During the summer break from Narrative Lectionary direction, we’re taking some time to focus on the elements of discipleship mapped out in Acts 2, before a series in Ephesians. This week, I’m focusing on being devoted to the breaking of bread.

My weekday devotional broadcasts follow the RCL, so I really appreciated some of the seeds Katy Stenta planted in her RCL post for this week.

Sometimes it helps me to think about liturgy as I write, and we’ve got some beautiful prayers on the Worship Words post for this week. Perhaps that will spark some thoughts for you, too.

Know this – whenever the 11th hour arrives for you in your sermon-crafting process, we’ll be partying, too! Pop by and let us know what dance steps you’re picking up from the Spirit this week.

Rev. Laura Viau is a word nerd, bear collector and triathlete who answered God’s call to congregational ministry after more than a couple of careers.  So far, her focus has been with churches in transition, currently serving as interim at a PC(USA) congregation on the southern coastline of North Carolina.  She blogs way too infrequently these days at The Viau From Here.

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