My Life’s Companion, Friend of All,

Good morning. Sun is shining. Birds started singing so early today it was like they couldn’t wait any longer to wake us up. With morning broken, their song is even louder. They are giddy with sun-ripening currants on the bush and their first young ones finally flown the nest. In such simple glory of this new day stay with me, my Life’s Companion, as I gather up the troubles that come to mind. First, I hesitate, asking myself “Why take a perfectly beautiful morning and ruin it?” But I remember, Friend of all, there are no birds singing in some lives this morning. Remember with me those living with only scraps of your natural beauty, and those living with more but no longer seeing it. You are their Life’s Companion too, though we all feel alone sometimes. Help people find the small wonder or feel the great moment that gives You back to them. You are their Friend of All, too. And just over there I see the deep purple blooms of your clematis climbing my old stone wall. They are huge, bordering on ridiculous. Like oversized clown shoes they tell me joyfully they are big enough to bear the worries that hound us and break our spirits. Did you make them like that on purpose? For all of us whose worries are great, whose troubles overwhelm, whose griefs run deep purple like these blooms, I am praying now. Be strength and comfort blooming with over-sized presence in our lives. Sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming, morning has come again into this world both troubled and blessed. I give thanks. I give thanks. Amen.


Diane Strickland is in her 33rd year as an ordained minister now serving in The United Church of Canada as retired clergy. She is a Certified Community and Workplace Traumatologist, Compassion Fatigue Specialist-Therapist, Critical Incident Responder, author and creator of Trauma Informed Resources.

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