I live in the western part of the United States- the part that feels like it is all on fire right now and not in a good way. It’s so hot that the thought of creativity is exhausting. And I’ve got funeral three Saturdays in a row, which is hard on a whole congregation, not just the pastor. If you are also finding yourself overheated, over-scheduled, or simply in need of help- here’s some from your friends and colleagues. Feel free to use or adapt or be inspired. If you use these, please give credit in print or video descriptions, but verbal attribution isn’t necessary. Thanks!

A Call to Worship and an Invocation (Narrative Lectionary) by Deborah Roof

Call to Worship:

One:  Come all you, who are branches of the living God!

Many: We come for the living water and for nourishment.

One:  Gather together as One in Christ in spite of whatever cultural differences you may see.

Many: We gather in the Presence of the One who created us and the One who redeemed us.

One: Praise the God of impossible forgiveness and immeasurable compassion.

Many:  We humbly praise our loving God with humility, joy and grateful hearts 


We are thirsty, O God, for your wonder and your Presence. We yearn for the peace that surpasses all human understanding. We crave your vineyard, where we abide forever in your light. Come be with us; gather here with us; allow us to show our meager gratitude in response to your abundant generosity. We are ready, O God, for you called us and we are here. Amen.

A Prayer Poem and A Commissioning (RCL) from Sarah Agnew

‘With Jesus’ John 6:1–21 

withdraw to the mountaintop,
the sacred height, the thin
place; withdraw into the Presence
of God 

follow the Son of Holy One,
through valleys, over hills, follow
the Son of Holy One, seek, and find
God’s peace 

look for the little one, the poor,
the young, the unlikely one – look
where you think you can not look and see
your God 

‘A commissioning’

Go now, heed the cry of all, 
all children of this earth, children of the Divine: 
and may the One who creates, give us hope;
the One who welcomes, guide us home;
and the One who breathes, breath life. 

Call to Worship/Invocation (Mary’s Song: Luke 1:46-56) for Christmas in July by Jessica L. Hainley

One: My soul glorifies the Lord, and my Spirit rejoices in my God 

  All: Let us rejoice – God is with us, God is here! 

One: God has called me by name. Our Creator, He has blessed me. Can you feel God’s blessings? Can you sense God’s presence in your life?  

All: Let us rejoice – God is with us, God is here! 

One: This God of ours, this God of mine, Creator of the Universe, created from the beginning, and still creating to this day. Feeding the hungry, clothing the sick, being with the downtrodden. What is God up to today?  Where is God today? 

All: Let us rejoice – God is with us, God is here! 

One: God is with us! God has always been with us! God will be with us always! 

All: Let us rejoice – God is here, God is with us!

Sending for Christmas in July by Jessica L. Hainley

Our time of worship has finished, but the work of the church is just beginning. 

Go – reminded that there is more than enough room in the inn. There is more than enough time to get where you need to go. There is more than enough community with gifts to support you. 

Go – feeling and sensing God’s presence – in and through the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer for those preaching about Bathsheba, her rape, and her widowhood by Julia Seymour

God of all truth, may those who speak of your child, Bathsheba, tell the truth- her truth and yours. May they speak honestly about the powerlessness of a woman, missing her deployed spouse, dragged before the king. May they grapple with the reality that man, supposedly one after your own heart, was willing to use his physical, political, and social standing to take what was not his. May they be willing to let those who hear their words sit with discomfort and wrestle with the reality of this story. May those who speak of Bathsheba let her pain, her grief, and her humiliation be heard now as it hasn’t been for years. And may those who speak of her resist permitting her to only occupy the role of victim, but to pray up on her memory and her history a later life of healing, consolation, and joy. Amen.

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