9th Sunday after Pentecost July 25, 2021

God has provided so much for me today. I experienced a beautiful and breezy day filled with sunshine here in southwest Wisconsin and spent a few restful hours at a campground this morning. Upon arriving to the church, a thoughtful parishioner gifted me with fresh Georgia peaches and a short youtube video helped me learn how to rippen those peaches and avoid the mistake of putting them in the refrigerator. The hours passed quickly and our custodian, seeing my husband and I working this evening, ordered a pizza and will soon deliver it to our desktops. We’ll have supper late tonight, but from what I remember, enjoying a late meal was common practice when I lived on the east coast. I’ve had a full day of ministry and I’m grateful for the many ways in which God has provided for my every need.

How has the Holy Spirit inspired your writing this week or are you struggling and praying for divine intervention? Whether the words are flowing or you’re experiencing a writer’s block, trust God will provide and that may be through your siblings in Christ here at the 11th Hour Preacher Party! If you’re a RCL preacher, you may find inspiration here: https://revgalblogpals.org/category/revised-common-lectionary/ and Narrative Lectionary preachers may want to check out contributions here: https://revgalblogpals.org/category/narrative-lectionary/. May words flow freely, dear Rev Gals and Pals and may you experience the abundance of God’s provision.

Lori Kleppe is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America currently serving two rural congregations in southwest Wisconsin. She previously served as a military chaplain in the United States Navy wearing the uniforms of all the sea services- the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Prior to seminary, Lori worked in education where she found middle school students to be a joy. Lori and her husband Gregg live in a parsonage with one cat and two French Bulldogs.  They enjoy rural life, ‘glamping’, and visiting their adult sons in the city.

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