I’ve been preaching my way through Ephesians this summer. On Wednesday nights, we’re exploring the themes of that same epistle using Eugene Peterson’s book – Practice Resurrection . We started out together, but the discussions have been so rich that the selections covered in worship and our study are no longer sync’ed.

Meanwhile, the devotional guide that I use for my daily Facebook live conversations follows the RCL, so every few days we’ve bounced back into Ephesians there, too. As I sat down to start this week’s sermon, I had to look (more than once) at my planning guide because it felt like I’d already been in that passage before. Some sort of scriptural deja vu.

Image of tilting carousel in motion

Today’s emails and conversations about reinstating pandemic protocols (we thought we’d moved beyond) evoke a similar “Haven’t we been here before?” tension. #ThanksCovid

I can’t decide if we’re on a not-so-merry-go-round or a roller coaster whose attendants decided we could just keep on riding.
And Over.

Speaking of… Sunday’s coming.

We might as well party!

Tell me, friends, are you pondering Wisdom and provision with the Revised Common Lectionary? If so, and you’ve not checked out Alicia’s post, head on over.

If you’re not following a lectionary (ever or just the summer holiday), what direction are you headed this week? And have you been there before?

Drop your thoughts, questions, wonderings, observations, questions, resources and questions (did I say that before?) in the comments. We might or might not have all the answers, but we’ll for sure have a good time finding our way to them as we commiserate and brainstorm.

Rev. Laura Viau is a word nerd, bear collector and triathlete who answered God’s call to congregational ministry after a couple of careers.  So far, her focus has been with churches in transition, currently serving as interim at a PC(USA) congregation on the southern coast of North Carolina.  She blogs way too infrequently these days at The Viau From Here.

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One thought on “11th Hour Preacher Party- Coming Around Again

  1. I’m backing up a few weeks in the lectionary to preach on an OT text I preached on three years ago in another church…but am updating based on this week’s news of Andrew Cuomo’s resignation. Title: “David, Bathsheba, and the #MeToo Movement (Still!).” Some authors I’ve read who really ought to know better think Bathsheba was bathing up on a roof where everyone could see her! No, it was David up on that roof spying on her! And he already had a passel of wives and children, so it’s not like he was hurting for company (2 Samuel 3). And it’s not like Bathsheba could just say no to the king, not in that culture. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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