Care pack contents.

Here in New South Wales, Australia, the whole state is in lockdown. Children are being home-schooled, and many people as possible are working from home. In the part of the state I am in, we have been in lockdown for 10 weeks.  We have no idea when we will be allowed to gather in any form. I am writing worship to send out instead of leading in person in community, which means I am writing earlier in the week. I know many of you are also needing to write earlier than you were two years ago. It is Wednesday afternoon here and I have the complete service finished, which still feels weird.  

A couple in the congregation decided to do something so that people knew they were not forgotten, even though we don’t see each other in Sunday morning. The parcels were delivered by a few people, often just to the letterbox or front door. The couple had not put their names on the parcels, so I received lots of emails, like these two:

“Thank you SO much for the lovely care-pack! Such a fabulous idea and we were all so grateful. Thank you for continuing to include us in your community. God bless 🙏🏽”

“I had a lovely surprise today. I rarely use my front door and only found the big treat sitting on my front door mat today. What a lovely thought. A BIG THANKYOU to all concerned, Blessings to you all.”

I wonder where you have been blessed this week.

The Narrative lectionary is back this week with creation in Genesis 1, for some ideas see

For the blog post on the RCL

Are your preaching on Genesis and creation care, the Messiah in Mark, James or another passage.

Join in with your ideas and questions.

Rev Patty Lawrence is an ordained Minister in the Uniting Church in Australia in placement on the Central Coast of New South Wales, about an hour north of Sydney. Patty lives with her husband Ian in church provided housing, and they are renovating a house to move into in, in preparation for retirement in a few years. 

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3 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party Sunday12th September

  1. First, your care pack includes a Carmen’s bar!!! My favorite!!! And sadly not available here in the US (tear).
    This week I announced my retirement effective the end of this year so am working from the Mark text. Peter needed to Let Go of his expectations of what it meant for Jesus to be Messiah and later in Acts what it meant for followers of Jesus, both Jew and Gentile. Our smaller, older congregation will need to learn to Let Go and do the work of Letting Go… and so do I (smile).


    1. Yes, carmen’s bar for each pack. and I got my favourite variety, Dark Chocolate and Cranberry. Blessings as you prepare to retire and prepare your people for your leaving. Letting go can be hard, I pray for new opportunities for you.


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