Here’s some liturgical inspiration for this Sunday! If you have written any words for worship, feel free to share in the comments, or for future weeks email them to revgalblogpals(at)


Call to worship by Sarah Erickson
We come to worship to draw near to you, Triune God.
To learn what is means to be happy, to be wise, to be faithful.
We come to worship knowing we have much to learn.
Teach us your ways, so that we may teach others.
Let us worship God!


Call to Worship by Dawn Roucka
Come gather in God’s wisdom and wonder.
We delight in You Lord.
With child-like awe, we draw near to watch and hear.
Regale us with your living, loving laws so we might lead lives of compassion.
On your unfolding paths of grace, take our hand, lead us into your future.
Change us by your living Word and wise counsel, that our transformed hearts delight in you forever.
We delight in You Lord.
All of our days, we come to praise and honor Your greatness. Amen.


Prayer of the day by Sarah Erickson
Triune God, we come to worship, always seeking, always full of wants and needs:
We seek after wisdom, clarity, the respect of our community, happiness, knowledge.
Scripture tells us that you want the same things for us. But when we look closely, and with an open heart, we learn that our understanding of wisdom, clarity, respect, happiness and knowledge differ from your teachings.
Keep our hearts and minds open to hear the Truth of your Word, to discern how to respond faithfully, and then by our practices, by our way of living, make visible our understanding of the Truth. Amen.


Prayer For The Day by Dawn Roucka
All-knowing God of fruition and fruitfulness, we crave being as wise and insightful as you, but walk in the worldly ways of foolishness and death. Forgive us! Empower us to let go of our intoxicated illusions of greatness to be embraced by grace. Help us to lift up our hands as a child lifts theirs in need and surrender to a loving parent.
You, O God of Wisdom and wonder, are great. You rain down grace upon all who humbly welcome Your seeds of purity, kindness, sincerity, integrity, gentleness and peace planted in their hearts. Watered by streams of living waters, nourished with Your love break us open to reveal the rich harvest of compassion, justice and joy in love and service to You and one another. Amen.

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