In a week when I have felt every minute as heavy and cumbersome. I bring you the 11th hour preacher party: Sharing our Burdens edition. I am T.I.R.E.D. Where I live, I am writing this on Thursday afternoon. I meant to get started yesterday. But… stuff happened.

Daisy in the sunflowers… (c)JMR2021

Are you one who follows NL? or RCL? Or maybe you have your own reading scheme? What ever it is, come and pull up a chair, bring your favourite hot drink, and sweet snack, and let us chat over what the heck we are going to do about Sunday (or Friday if you are still recording stuff?) I am in the RCL; I use the Spill the Beans Resources, so I’ve been focusing on James these past few weeks – hard words to preach – but, even in spite of my wearyness and reluctance, the wondrous Spirit has blessed the hearers and I’ve probably had more positive feedback in these heavy days, than I’ve had in a good while!

If you want some good starter ideas, have a look at our lectionary pages, you’ll find the RCL here; and the NL here. If you are short on prayers or liturgies, have a look at this page! Some great ideass and inspiration there.

I’m going to be here a while myself! So commment below, share your ideas, ask your questions, and tell me what delicous snacks you have to hand!!


Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister, serving an urban parish in the central region of Scotland. She lives with her husband and spaniel… between them they have seven adult kids and four grandkids. Life is good (in spite of the tired thing…)


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2 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party sharing the burden

  1. hello Julie, I finished writing last night, ready for printing today for those without email. We are still in lockdown and will be for a few more weeks. at 70% fully vaccinated we will have fewer restrictions and churches will be able to open with limited numbers and masks and …..
    this week I am preaching on Esther.


    1. Hi Patty, I finished mine last night, for exact same reasons, the printing team will get them copied and delivered today (Friday) and I get a day off knowing most all my writing is done!


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