In need of a little liturgical help for this week? Maybe just some inspiration to write something new, maybe something you can copy-and-paste…either way, RGBP is here for you! Here are some pieces you are welcome to use or adapt or simply pray through for yourself. If you use them please give credit in any printed resources or video descriptions. Thanks!

And if you have written any words for worship for this week, please post them in the comments! If you write things for future weeks and you’re willing to share, please send them to revgalblogpals at gmail by the Monday for publication on Tuesday. Thank you for helping resource the church worldwide!


Call to Worship by Teri Peterson (Amos 5)
One: God calls us to worship, lifting our voices and our hearts in praise.
All: God calls us to worship, lifting our hands and our resources to serve.
One: God calls us to worship, when we are together and when we are alone.
All: God calls us to worship, in the sanctuary and on the street corner.
One: God calls us to worship, with our everyday choices and our Sunday best.
All: God calls us to worship, in song and prayer and in doing justice and loving kindness.
One: God calls us to worship.


Opening Prayer by Melodie Long (Exodus 16)
God of peace, a peace that reaches far beyond what we can comprehend, we come before you this morning with our souls hungering for who you are, deeply desiring who you call us to be. May your peace come alive within us. May we see your gifts all around us. May we become, in all ways, your beloved creation. Amen.


Prayer of Confession by Teri Peterson (Mark 10)
Lord, have mercy on us, for we do not know which way is up.
We are supposed to be nice…not rock the boat…win big…succeed at all costs.
But you want us to be real…speak up and speak out…take up our cross…
leave our own self interest behind.
When the world offers us everything, if only we have the money,
when we are tempted by privilege and power,
when our own security is our first priority,
Give us courage to say no.
Call out to us again, and give us the courage to say yes.
Turn us upside down, until we find ourselves right-side up in your kingdom. Amen.


Prayers of the People by Melodie Long (Exodus 16)
Holy God, the One who walked with the people in the wilderness, the One who walks with us even now, we gather in worship today to receive your grace, to learn your love, to explore your wonders, to become fully people of your heart. From those first days when your Spirit blew over the chaos, you have carried us, providing for our needs, loving us, and showing the way to life. Even though we struggled to learn from the lessons of history, you believed in us so much that you sent your Son, Jesus of Nazareth, to show us life as your beloved creation. Through his time on this earth, you revealed to us that we are to be people of surprising grace, of generous love, of daring justice, and of hope, always hope.
So we come together as a reminder that you are inviting us to be part of an unfolding story of your life-giving presence. It is a story that unites people of all times and all spaces, a story that unites people of differences and division, a story that becomes the Church, the living Body of Christ in and for this world. But like the people in the wilderness, we tend to grumble and focus on what we do not have, neglecting to see the abundance of You all around. Your Spirit breathes through our lives with the message that You are enough, enough for all the brokenness, for the divisions, for the uncertainty. You are enough. Open our eyes to the wonders around and within us. Open our hearts to the many and diverse ways in which you are present. Open our very beings to you so that we might continue this journey to envelop the world with your love and together find your peace that passes all understanding.
As we sit in the sacred silence of the now, hear the prayers of our hearts – for the world, for others, for ourselves…..
(time of intercession)
God of the manna, you offer us life, life for ourselves but above all, life for the world. May we become instruments and not merely consumers of that life. May this journey lead us home to you. We pray because of the One who is life, amen.


Offering Prayer by Teri Peterson (Mark 10)
You have filled us with every good gift, O God. You call us to do the impossible: to offer all that we have and all that we are, giving of ourselves in order to follow your way. Loosen our grasp on our possessions, make us generous the way you are generous, and keep us close to you, wherever you are going. Amen.


Benediction by Melodie Long (adapted from a traditional blessing)
Go out into the world in peace. Hold fast to what is good and right and true. Rejoice in the wonders of God’s presence all around us. Return no one evil for evil but love as you have been loved. Dare to walk with the broken, the hurting, the grieving, the vulnerable for that is where God walks as well. Go out into the world in peace.


A possible song … it’s from Resound Worship, which has downloadable videos, audio tracks, and lead sheets, and gives permission for use as long as you have regular licenses. 

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