Are you in need of a little liturgical help for this week? Maybe just some inspiration to write something new, maybe something you can copy-and-paste…either way, RGBP is here for you! Here are some pieces you are welcome to use or adapt or simply pray through for yourself. If you use them, please give credit in any printed resources or video descriptions.

And if you have written any words for worship for this week, please post them in the comments! If you write things for future weeks and are willing to share, please send them to revgalblogpals at gmail by the Monday for publication on Tuesday. Thank you for helping resource the church worldwide!

From the Rev. Jessica Hainley

Call to Worship //Invocation

One: God is here with us. Let us welcome God to this space here and now with our call to worship and invocation.

One: From the pits of despair we call out

All: God be with me!  

One: From places of hurting and places of joy – we call out  

All: God be with me!  

One: When feeling challenged, for one reason or another. On days when we feel there is just too much to handle, too much to do. And not enough time or resources to get it all done 

All: God be with me!  

One: In the moments when we feel shackled to our current life situation and do not see a way that it could change for the better.

All: God be with me!  

One: Friends, God is with each and every one of us – near and far to the building we call church. God is with each and every one of us – whatever we are going through. Wherever you are at right now, look around, and see God at work in your life. Feel God’s presence with you in this moment. Feel the movement of the Spirit at work in YOUR life.

Feel God with us as we join our voices as one and say,

All: Amen

Call to Worship //Invocation

One: Whether we are soprano, alto, tenor or bass

All: God hears me, I can tell! 

One: Whether praying out loud or in the silence of our hearts 

All: God hears me, I can tell! 

One: Whether at church or worshipping somewhere outside the building we call church

All: God hears me, I can tell! 

One: God hears us – no matter what voice we use, no matter how high or low we may speak. Regardless of where we are gathering from – we all come to worship because –

All: God hears me, I can tell! 

One: And let all God’s people say,

All: Amen

From the Rev. Dr. Deborah Roof based on the Narrative Lectionary

CALL TO WORSHIP – (Based on Psalm 51)

One:    The psalmist David cried out to God to create within him a clean heart.

Many: He asked God to put a new and righteous spirit within him.

One:    He asked God to be present to him and restore him.

Many: We know that God heard David’s cries and delivered him.

One:    We will come together with gratitude for God’s saving grace.

Many: Let us sing aloud of God’s deliverance.


You called Moses in spite of his resistance. You called Samuel in spite of his age. You called David in spite of his inequity. You call us in spite of whatever reason we give to resist you. Be with us now, Oh God. We are here! Amen.


God has given us all that is good and right and true. What a joy to share these gifts with others in our community and beyond. In this offering we have the opportunity to return to God an eager response to all we have received.


Loving God, as you illuminate our lives with fascinating insights and possibilities, we reach out to share your love through our financial gifts. All this we offer now for your blessing, that we may continue to dwell in the light of Your generous Spirit. Amen. 

From the Rev. Dr. Sarah Agnew 

 Ps 126 is an alternate reading for this Sunday, so it may suit some contexts) 

‘Emmanuel’ Intercessions with Psalm 126 

May we with tear-stained cheeks now
soon wrinkle those cheeks with laughter; 
and may God be with us always.

May we with empty pockets now
soon stretch full hands towards another;
and may God be with us always.

May we who live a nightmare now
soon dance the lightness of dreams fulfilled;
and may God be with us always.

May we who are lonely now
soon be the gift of a friend for another;
and may God be with us always.

May we who weep together
and who rejoice together,
one body in Jesus the Christ,
know God is with us, Emmanuel, always.


Faith on the outskirts of Jericho’ 

A haiku with Mark 10:46–52 

cloak, dust, flicked in eyes
liberation unsettles
perspective revolves

From the Rev. Dr. Leah Fowler

Merciful One, some read your word from a page because they are able to see it.
Others listen to your word, spoken aloud, because they are able to hear it.
Still others receive your word as a series of bumps and dots on a page, because they are able to touch it.
What we ask of you today, Holy One, is that your word touch us– however we are to receive it. Inscribe it on our hearts and change us through your word. In the name of Jesus, our Word made flesh. Amen.

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