I know them so well, I recognize their feet.

I have been a RevGal for a long time. When the first Big Event was announced, I didn’t hesitate to register. Finally, I would get to meet Songbird and St. Casserole and Will’s Mama! (In our first few years we were anonymous on our blogs.) Yet, when the event was only weeks away I considered staying home. I can remember standing in the laundry room with SodaChicky aka my daughter Katie who told me to stop worrying so much. These women were already my friends. My concerns about not “knowing” anyone were unfounded. She was right. I went. I have never regretted a moment of my time with the RevGalBlogPals.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve faced these same worries. And even though SodaChicky lives with me, I didn’t need to have her tell me again. Her voice is permanently stuck in my head. “Don’t worry. Just go! You need this!” All too often we pull this kind of nonsense on ourselves. We imagine that whatever is at home or in the office is more important than our own self-care. So here dear reader is a prayer for you.

God of my heart and soul, thank you for the gifts of friendship and collegiality. Help me to embrace the opportunities to spend time in conversation and consolation, especially with those I consider friends. Guide me to be brave enough to say, “No, I won’t be in tomorrow.” Strengthen me to remember that from the very beginning, you knew it was not good for us to be alone. I need companions for this journey. Fill my calendar with opportunities to be fed by others.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Prayer for Friends

  1. thank you for this. I am booked in for Iona with RevGals in April, 2 years ago I was so looking forward to it, now the idea of travelling so far has me doubting all over again. but I do need this 🙂


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