November 7, 2021 All Saints Sunday or Pentecost 24

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For All the Saints!

It’s Wednesday evening in my part of the world and I’m pleasantly surprised to be sitting at my computer with a smile on my face. I’m surprised because it was my goal to complete this blog post this morning, not this evening at 8:00 PM, but here I am, making a post to a site that I pray will assist my fellow Rev Gals and Pals (and me) in our sermon writing efforts and I am smiling and this makes me feel content and maybe even happy. I am also feeling relaxed and this, too, is surprising because I have a number of tasks remaining tonight and then upon my return home I’ll be preparing for a 5:30 AM check-in at the hospital for surgery. I am going to keep smiling because my to do list will get done- or not- and tomorrow morning a lump will no longer be calling my elbow home! The Holy Spirit’s presence is a powerful force and I am feeling her peaceful embrace which I know is the source behind my smile. Thanks be to God.

Life is filled with twists and turns and I selected a photo that pulls us into the unknown our eyes following the road that lies ahead as we are completely surrounded by simple beauty, trees bursting forth in the colors of fall, a gift and reminder of an ever abiding God. May our ministry efforts compel God’s people to enter into the journey assured they go not alone.

How are you doing? I pray you are able to have moments this week when smiles come to your face and surprise you! I pray your writing is coming along and if not, that you will find support here at the ‘party.’ If you are preaching from the Revised Common Lectionary, you may find inspiration here Revised Common Lectionary Narrative Lectionary preachers may check out the comments here: Narrative Lectionary Liturgical assistance may be found at Worship Words . Be well. Smile. God is with you.

Lori Kleppe is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America currently serving two rural congregations in southwest Wisconsin. She previously served as a military chaplain in the United States Navy wearing the uniforms of all the sea services- the Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. Prior to seminary, Lori worked in education where she found middle school students to be a joy. Lori and her husband Gregg live in a parsonage with one cat and two French Bulldogs. They enjoy rural life, glamping, and visiting their adult sons in the city.

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5 thoughts on “11th Hour Preaching Party

  1. I’m still wandering around a bit in the story of Lazarus, so familiar, but profound in the light of All Saint’s Sunday. I am also grappling with the fact that I will be preaching this Sunday at the church my mom attended, and it will be the anniversary of her death on the 14th. And so I will be proclaiming the good news of this story in the same place I celebrate my mother’s life and was surrounded by her friends at her memorial service. Adding in serving communion, I may weave in the story of the last scene in “Places in the Heart” while talking about the communion of the saints.


    1. Tammy, It looks like my previous post isn’t here so I will respond again. I hope that your sermon has come together in a way that is comfortable for you. It seems the day will have a depth of meaning for you that may make it more difficult, though I am sure inspired your writing. Peace be with you.


  2. All saints and Lazarus.I’m thinking that this story gives us both permission to grieve and permission to hope. Something like that. Working on it today. My tomorrow has filled up, so I hope I can get a good start today. –Wendy


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