THANKSGIVING TABLE by tjrSunday comes again, this time the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year. How will you celebrate? As you work on your sermon this week, how can we help? What does your congregation need from you? What is the word you are being called to offer? 

As we finish the year, will you follow the Revised Common Lectionary? Will you use the Christ the King texts? Apocalypse and Jesus’ trial.  The RCL discussion is here this week. 

The Narrative Lectionary brings us Isaiah: Unto us a child is born. How will you approach this familiar text in this context?

Or, if you are in the US, you might be doing what we are doing and preaching Thanksgiving. Our seminary intern is preaching this week, her final sermon before she finishes her internship.

Are you avoiding the lectionaries altogether? What will you preach? Are you working through a series? Are you doing a one-off? Are you singing your way through the church year? Have you moved on to Advent in your head and are struggling to preach once more before it all begins? We’d love to hear what you are doing.

And so, preachers, what will you say? What do your people need to hear?

Whether you are preaching Revised Common Lectionary, Narrative Lectionary, Thanksgiving, a series, or something else altogether, we are here to help. What do you need? Sermon illustrations? Time with the Children? A way to wrap things up? People to help you untangle ideas or find commentary? Let us know; we will help as we can.

I will be checking in regularly (as I am able) today and continue checking in through Saturday night.

The image is the communion table in the sanctuary of my church ready for Thanksgiving. It’s an older picture. We prepare the table every year, but evidently don’t photograph it. Photo by Tommie Jane Roberts,

Wendy Lamb works as a commissioned pastor in a Presbyterian Church (USA) in Southern California and teaches college English classes at a local community college. She occasionally blogs at Bookgirl.

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7 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Year’s End

    1. What does Christ’s kingdom look like for you? (Also, since my original training is Brit Lit, I am now in my head compare Lear’s Kingdom to Christ’s. I don’t think anyone would want to hear that sermon, but I would have fun writing it. Sorry about the no edit function here.) –Wendy


    1. My first thought is how and why we give thanks in a challenging year. I’ve also been thinking about how we can be grateful without falling into #Blessed territory. We aren’t thankful because of what we have been given; we are thankful because God Is. Something like that. –Wendy


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