“Sacred pause is the locus of liberation…” – Rev. Meredith Crigler

Picture is of a large blue circle with two parallel white lines, meant to depict the pause icon or button on electronics.

The Board of Directors of RevGalBlogPals has decided to take a Sacred Pause from the beginning of Advent 2021 until the beginning of Lent 2022. The Board made this decision by taking stock of their capacity, the realities of the world around them, recent changes within the organization, and the need to embody what the leadership hopes to model to the larger community – that rest leads us to experience renewal and embrace the revelation that the Spirit of the Living God has for us all.

The Board is grateful for all of the voices that have created content over the years. While new resources will not be created during this time, the board will point to the content library that currently exists and uplift other places for the community to find resources during this time.

Why is this happening?
There comes a time in our lives when we recognize that the fatigue we feel isn’t simple tiredness, it’s exhaustion.
There comes a time in our lives when the tasks of living feel so very heavy and our strength to carry it all fades away.
There comes a time in our lives when it feels impossible to catch up on all the things and we are buried by an avalanche that’s been building.
There comes a time in our lives when the constancy of commitments feels like a burden and joy is hard to find.
There comes a time in our lives when our minds can’t escape the overwhelm, our hearts seem to be continually broken, our bodies fail under the weight of it all and our spirits are dormant.

Life has handed us all so much recently. The pain we feel and the struggles we are experiencing are beyond our control. While the Board has engaged in discernment work in the past, inviting the larger community to pray with and for the Board as this unfolded, this season is inviting us into something different, into something deeper.

We also hope and pray that this sacred pause will ripple out into your life and ministry, inspiring you to pause where you need to, knowing that you are not alone in the need for rest.  

We know that the challenges facing the Board, namely shifting into and fully embracing mission and vision of the organization, requires radical action in order to bring the leadership, programs, and values into full alignment. 

So what does this mean?

This Sacred Pause embodies one aspect of our organizational vision to create community for clergywomen. This can only come to pass when we take Sabbath seriously. Resource creation, online community, and continuing education that amplify the voices of women and gender minorities are essential to our mission, but not at the cost of anyone’s body or spirit. 

In practice, The Sacred Pause will pause all aspects of RGBP, with the exception of some prayer content and our Facebook Community, for a period of three months. This will begin November 28, 2021 and end March 2, 2022. The Board believes the online community of RGBP has the capacity to provide support, resources, and prayer for the wider community during this time. New resources will not be created as the Board invites the volunteer leadership of the organization to engage the Sacred Pause as well. Those who manage the online community will be invited to pause in March in order to honor their work during this time and provide Sabbath.

What will the Pause look like and who will it affect?

The Board will continue to meet monthly but the meetings will be focused on three themes: Rest, Renewal, and Revelation. Working together with their Coach, the Board will explore questions, resources, and engage in prayer around these themes. 

One of the most beloved gifts of RGBP are the teams of volunteers who make this work happen on a daily basis. Writers, website editors, and Facebook Group administrators spend countless hours creating resources and curating community conversations. The Board deeply values and honors the individuals who do this work. The Sacred Pause is not meant to negate the gifts and wisdom that are shared with the larger community. It is precisely because we recognize the relentless work of so many that we feel compelled to take a moment to engage in rest and renewal as the revelation of the next chapter of our work together evolves. Our Organizational Coach will meet with the volunteer leaders of this community to gain their feedback and offer support as we engage the Sacred Pause. 

The larger community of RGBP will be invited to engage the resources that the Board will be using to prepare for The Sacred Pause. This will include reflection prompts, prayers, and other resources to support the exploration of the themes of Rest, Renewal, and Revelation. 

What is the timeline?
The Sacred Pause will begin November 28,  2021 and end March 2, 2022.

And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord. – Luke 1:45 (NRSV)

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