A Thursday Prayer for those embarking on a hectic holiday season

Free image of Christmas cookies from Pixabay by conger design

Thursday Prayer: A Prayer for When the Holidays Become Overwhelming

Dear God of All That Is Seen and Unseen,

You are good and your love endures forever. We sing your praises because your faithfulness remains from generation to generation. (Ps 100). We give thanks because you loved our parents and our grandparents. In the same way, you love us, and you will love our children, our great-grandchildren, and our great grandchildren. Your love never fails.

But O God, We confess that sometimes family can be difficult. Some of us are estranged from our biological families. Some of us do not have children of our own. For some of us, the story of Elizabeth becoming pregnant in her old age as a sign of hope. For others, it reminds us that we may never get to experience the joy of holding our own child in our arms.

God, please fill the holes in our hearts. As all the world rejoices and sings carols, comfort those of us who are sad. Be with all of those who feel isolated and alone. On those days when there is too much to do, give us strength. When we become overwhelmed with our never-ending “to do” lists– when our minds are preoccupied with the cookies that need to be baked, presents to be purchased, and homes to be decorated– quiet our hearts and remind us that you are God.

May we find belonging in your loving embrace, O God.

May we comfort those whose hearts are heavy this holiday season, and may we find comfort ourselves.

May we find our way home. Amen.

About the Author: Rev. Rebecca L. Holland is a visually impaired Filipino-American pastor serving in the United Methodist Church. She is an ordained elder and serves two churches in Central Pennsylvania. She is the author of Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse, The United Methodist Church and Disability, Hope for the Broken: Using Writing to Find God’s Grace. She blogs about faith, books, and disability awareness at BeckieWrites.com.

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