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Dear God, I have no excuse to offer for my forgetfulness. I could craft one. I could relate a story about the way my day got away from me as I managed tasks that weren’t originally mine but somehow… I could talk about my new phone and the fact that the calendar thingy is all out of wack. Or maybe I could blame it on the dog?

The thing is, God, I hate forgetting things, especially public things. I also hate that I forget to take time to talk to you. I know you’re always there. Always listening. But God, I need to be more intentional in our conversations. Is there a way to tie a permanent string around my finger? A string that cries out, “Stop what you’re doing! Take a moment with God! Now!”

God, I may never get any better at this, but while we’re talking, thank you for not forgetting me. It’s a game-changer, knowing that you’re always mindful of me.

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