Every so often something happens in the larger church that leads to confusion. Why did they make that decision? Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Did they make a mistake? Is it the result of institutional bias or individual sinfulness?

There are so many answers to the question of “What happened?” I’ve been on the inside and sometimes you can’t share the rationale. I’ve been on the inside knowing that silence was wrong. Today I’m on the outside and I’m confused.

What did they do?” Did my colleague break the rules? Did the system bend the rules? How broken is the church? God, I wish there was clarity. Sometimes my instincts are wrong. Sometimes my radar is spot on, but today I’m confused

God of clear vision and covenantal promise, when things are broken in the church, give us guidance. Help us to ask the hard questions when words are needed. Prod us when protest is required. When patience is truly called for, help us to sit with the silence. Lead us to trust the trustworthy and challenge those who are not. God, I know we’re never going to get this truly “right” but please surround those who have been injured with your healing spirit.

Pr. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath has been scribbling and writing under the name RevHRod for a while now. When she’s at work, she’s an ELCA interim pastor serving in Pennsylvania.

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