We have shown ourselves to be fools, O Teacher.

Celebrating the Robin Hood come to challenge the prince,
we failed to recognize the outcast Sovereign before us.

Cheering the jester’s parade in all its mockery of power,
we ignored its earnest portrayal of the realm of God.

Triumphantly paving life’s way with our coats & palms & shouts,
we excused ourselves from tomorrow’s work against death.

Look how we have shown ourselves to be fools, O Teacher!

Now tell us again the tale of the colt, and say:
“The Lord does not need you to be the strongest.”

Tell us again the parable of the colt’s owners, and say:
“The Lord does not need your gift to be the greatest.”

Tell us again the prophecy of the stones, and say:
“The Lord does not need you to be the loudest.”

Teach us to be foolish in the ways of the world, O Teacher:

to trust in love and goodness
β€” not might and success,

to serve the imprisoned
β€” not the powerful,

to enter with joy
β€” not rejection.

Blessed be the foolish who come in the name of the Lord!

on Luke 19:28-40

The Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg‘s book with co-author Martha Spong, Denial Is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith), searches for faith through life’s trials. Rachel has also written Writing to God, a popular Lenten devotional, and other books.

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