The streets are littered with confetti and streamers, dirty from being walked on by the crowds. Every so often one sees a trash can filled with branches, wilted flowers, and placards with his name. The crowds have gone home leaving evidence of the parade. The streets are empty except for those who have nowhere else to go. Now the real journey begins.

Blessed Jesus, the holiest week, Holy Week has begun in earnest. There are so many tasks to perform- so many connections to be made. The details of this week, the traditions, and the expectations are significant but they aren’t always essential. Help me remember what is truly important. Keep me on the path as I follow you on this Paschal journey.

Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath is making her way as the Interim Pastor at Christ’s Lutheran Church, Oreland, PA.

One thought on “Monday Prayer + After the Parade

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