Can it truly be a “good” day if we are still waiting for the truth to be told about Breonna Taylor,
not to mention Patrick Lyoya?

Can it be a “good” day if one nation is not satisfied with its own record of injustice and leaders have determined to send those seeking refuge and asylum elsewhere, to another place with a poor record of treating human beings?

Can it be a “good” day, o God, with a heavy sense of betrayal, fear, and frustration hanging over so many?

Can it be a “good” day if the parched land thirsts and is still drain and the water gasps for air amid trash?

Can it be a “good” day if the people who claim Your Holy Name parade with symbols, but turn away from the small actions that would bring true resurrection?

Can it be a “good” day when your church is the last place many would go for help and many find holiness in other places?

Can it be a “good” day when human rejection of mystery leads us to speak of You in ways You would not own?

Can today be a “good” day?

Inasmuch as the stone has already been rolled away, there could be good if we were willing to stop clinging to the back wall of the tomb,
chasing the shadows of our desire for control,
glorifying symbols of murder,
and embracing a false scarcity.

This could be a good day, O Lord, if we are willing to join in
Your loving will on earth as it is in heaven.

Hear our prayer, O God,
And in your mercy, answer us.

The Reverend Julia Seymour serves Big Timber Lutheran Church (ELCA)  in Big Timber, MT. She blogs sometimes at and She likes playing with yarn, reading books, and visiting Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA), which she refers to as her “backyard”.

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