Holy One, womb of life, birthing creation from the depths of stillness and darkness, heart of inspiration beating hope into the universe (even when there seems so little to be hopeful for), blossoming forth in color and light. Thank you for this gift of life. May we, the human beings, made in Your image, in every expression of humankind, reveal your goodness and love. May we cease to harm this earth, your very body. May we heal it, love it, nurture it, tend to it, to you. May we care for each other likewise. Help us to be agents of grace, working for peace. Help us to be agents of compassion, working for wholeness and justice. Help us to be agents of your presence, reflecting love. Amen.


Terri C. Pilarski is the rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Dearborn, Michigan. She is the founding director of the Intercultural Community Center of Dearborn, a mission focus of Christ Church and their Partnership in Faith with Mother of the Savior, an Arabic speaking Christian congregation who share a building. She is an Associate with the Kaleidoscope Institute, the convener of the Dearborn Area Interfaith Network, and a Qualified Administrator with the IDI, the intercultural Development Inventory. She’s a trained spiritual director and a lifelong practitioner of TM. She is affiliated with the Dearborn Pastoral Counseling Center where she coaches individuals in Bowen theory. She coaches and serves on the board of Faithwalking.us, a BST approach to living whole and healthy lives. She’s currently in the post graduate class with the Center for Family Consultation. Married for thirty-seven years with two adult kids who have been her BST experiments for defining self in a nuclear family. She’s an avid knitter,  a novice painter of flowers and birds, a treadmill runner, podcast listener (Mind and Life, and the MetaHour), and the grandmother of two amazing kids.


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