John 20: 29b – Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.

Holy One, it is strange
to think of doubt at the same time
as we are crying
Hallelujah! He is risen!
But we are living with it

We feel it when
we watch the news
and see what is happening
in Ukraine
we ask ourselves
why you would let this happen

We feel it when
we see a distraught parent
mourning the loss of a child
and again we ask ourselves
why you would let this happen

We feel it when
we make careful plans
and they suddenly go awry
and again we ask ourselves
why you would let this happen

We wait for answers
but none are forthcoming
so we sit in the silence
and then we realize that
whatever is happening
you are with us

And suddenly
our questions
don’t matter
your answers
don’t matter
our doubt vanish
with the knowledge
of your presence. Amen


The Reverend Doctor Katherine Burgess, a second-career minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, serves two congregations in the province of Québec, Canada. She is one of the regular contributors to the Saturday Prayer for RevGals. She, like many of us, is presently living a hybrid life, with some of it – too much still – online, and other parts of it in person. She lives with her husband, Keith, a dog named Bella, and a cat named OhchoCat. She shares daily prayers on her Facebook page. She will soon be leaving Canada to go to the delayed Passion Play at Oberammergau.

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