St. Sophia Holy Wisdom,
St. Gregory of Nyssa Church. San Francisco, CA.

Mother God,

In the scriptures you are called Wisdom,

the Sophia of our ancient days.

And we call upon that Wisdom again today.

For the world continues to dismiss, to diminish,

and to debase the Feminine among us.

The war against women’s bodies is

really a challenge to the Wisdom

that comes only from Sophia, the spirit of the feminine,

that Wisdom that brings us into peace.

As we celebrate motherhood today,

let it not be in the vacant ways that diminish the feminine

that births us and bears the burdens of our upbringings

with a Wisdom that transcends any need for power or privilege.

Let us instead, celebrate all of the ways in which

Wisdom as Sophia moves through us and this world,

building hope, fostering peace, and growing the love

of a God who is called the Sophia Spirit —

the Mother and Creator of us all.

Called Wisdom now, and forever more.

Selah and Amen.

(c)2022. Cathy M. Kolwey

Rev. Cathy M. Kolwey is an artist, writer, pastor, and chaplain who works at the intersection of Spirituality and the Arts. She lives and works in Minnesota.


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