St. Luke’s Christian Community Church, Morton Grove, IL

Dear Lord, I wait for You, but I so often can’t see You.

Are You hiding from me?

Dear Lord, I cry to You, and so often seem to cry into the darkness

With no response.

Are You shutting Your ears to me?

Yet, I wait upon You, and hope in You.

Dear Lord, I come to You on behalf of others.

(They really want prayers! So, I pray.)

Are You listening to me more than to them?

Yet, I lift prayers to you on behalf of many,

Even those who cannot pray right now.

Dear Lord, encourage MY heart, just as I pray for others.

Dear Lord, give ME strength for today, just as others need Your strength.

Dear Lord, I pray all of these things

In Your precious, healing, mighty name. Amen.

The Rev. Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth is a hospice chaplain at Unity Hospice and pastor at St. Luke’s Christian Community Church (UCC) in the Chicago suburbs, and is a commissioned member in the Federation of Christian Ministries. Elizabeth also holds a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling in Illinois (certified by IAODAPCA).

She blogs at Her spiritual and theological training and less-anxious presence enable her to bring encouragement, strength and comfort to persons in need.   

Elizabeth’s family shares space with a petite cat (with a big personality) named Mary. Elizabeth loves reading, music, piano-playing, yoga, taking walks, and messing around on the computer.

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