We need to confess, Holy One, that the world has made profane

the sacred calling that is teaching;

the sacredness of caring for our children and our futures

is dismissed as menial labor, undervalued and sorely underpaid.

Redeem us from the world’s thoughtlessness and

help us to bless those among us who have answered

this holy and sacrificial call, and the many roles that come with the task of teaching.

For the teachers who not just teach, but also nurse wounds,

we pray for a blessing of continued health.

For the teachers who are also therapist to hurting child,

we pray for a blessing of a peaceful mind.

For the teachers who act as class social worker,

we pray for a blessing of security and shelter.

For the teachers who are class nutritionist,

we pray for a blessing of healthy food on their own tables.

For the teachers who are the selfless givers who create fun, safe spaces in their classroom,

we pray for a blessing of sanctuary in their own homes and lives.

For the teachers who feel more like stepmom or stepdad to the children in their care,

we pray for a blessing of family and support to surround them

the way that they surround and support those in their care.

And for those teachers who would (or have) put their own lives in harm’s way

to protect the lives of their students, and our children,

We pray a blessing of constant and continued safety over their own lives.

For the myriad of roles that teachers take on by answer their sacred call,

we pray a myriad of blessings into their lives.

And as they seek rest in these summer months, we pray a blessing

of true sabbath and restoration for their souls.

Sustain them. Restore them. Renew their hearts and spirits,

for the tireless work that they continue to do

all in the name of teaching our children and crafting our futures.

Bless them continually, just as they bless others.


c)2022. Cathy M. Kolwey

Rev. Cathy M. Kolwey is an artist, writer, pastor, and chaplain who works at the intersection of Spirituality and the Arts. She lives and works in Minnesota. You can see more of her work at http://www.cmkolwey.com


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