Pray for us, Holy God.

The ones who continue to be overlooked

for the handsome, charismatic man who has bypassed

the ordination process, but still gets handed the pulpit.

Pray for us, when we are told that the young, white, guitar playing

Flip-flop wearing guy needs to be the “face” of the ministry

While our job is to make sure he suceeds.

Pray for us, when we are pushed to the side

to make room for the pastor in his 70s who can’t seem to retire

because his need to be needed is so great.

Pray for us, Holy God,

because abusers are still being voted into power

and patriarchy still has its hold on our churches.

And we need your prayers because we are the ones

who are called when everything falls apart. We are the ones

who put out the fires, pick up the pieces, and put it all back together,

when the ones who were chosen above us fail.

We are still here, doing the tireless work of ministry, despite continued rejection.

Break the chains of patriarchy, Holy One, for it continues to bind back

the work of the Holy Spirit and the hands of the church’s servants.

Free the church from its systems, so that we all can serve

in the ways in which you have designed us to blossom.

Pray for us, so that we might come to know a vision of your reign,

where we are all seen as holy and worthy of positions

where we can find our gifts for ministry freely recognized.

This is our fervent prayer.


(c)2022. CMKolwey

Rev. Cathy M. Kolwey is an artist, writer, pastor, and chaplain who works at the intersection of Spirituality and the Arts. She lives and works in Minnesota. You can find more of her writing at


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