God of every season,

Paddleboard yoga on Cheat Lake, WV. (c) 2022 photo courtesy jojo.yoga

We are conscious of the lengthening days and slower schedules,

of hotter temperatures and vacation plans.

This summertime scheme reorients our minds and changes our pace,

calling us into sacred spaces through a myriad of paths —

picnic days and beachside seasons.

So we pray O God for each unique moment

when we find we can lean into the holy hours that summer brings.

From summer arts camps, grandparents’ camps and mission trip experiences,

to Sabbath rest, and vacation respite, may we encounter the sacred in formative ways.

Bless each moment that brings us into a brush with the divine.

From sunrise, to sunset, at the beach or on the lake,

in time with community and in service to others

may this summertime season happen us upon your grace

and fill us with your mercy and peace anew.

Help us to slow down and refresh us in this solstice time, we pray.


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