I was watching some children prepare their bicycles and tricycles to be part of a 4th of July parade and because I love all things bicycle, this rolled out.

Early attempt, neighborhood friend of mine

Thanks …
God, for wheels bringing us
into creation’s beauty,
we give thanks.
For leaving a small carbon wheel-tread,
we give thanks.
For places in the world where bikes
are favored transportation
and give independence to everyone,
we give thanks.
For companions on rides
and mechanics with expertise,
we give thanks.
For one place of equality
of young and old, men and women,
we give thanks.
For raised heart rates and the experience
of “being in” rather than “driving through”
city or suburb or country,
we give thanks.
For the wisdom of helmets,
head lamps, reflective vests
bike lanes, safety guidelines,
we give thanks.
And for wheelchair technology
making possible simple trips,
even on the beach
daily life and participation in sports –
races, basketball, tennis and others,
we give thanks!   amen
Confession and Grace …
God, forgive us roadblocks we put in others’ lives and the ways we push those less powerful than we are to the shoulders of life. God, forgive us when we fail to use all the emotional and spiritual gears that are available to us. God forgive us whenever we choose the more environmentally damaging ways to be in the world. Amen. 
God knows our skids and sins and forgives us like a parent holding our handlebars as we begin again. Amen


Maren C. Tirabassi is a United Church of Christ (US) pastor, author of twenty-two books and workshop leader. Her new novel in the Rev and Rye Cozy Mystery series, “Death at Fair Havens” was released in April.  She blogs at gifts in open hands at wordpress dot com.


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