Dear God,

We have–at least he has-entered this new world called retirement.

You know what it took to get him here.

The six decades of working.

The planning (and praying).

The really tough last coupla years.

So thank you.

But O God, change is not an unmitigated good

and this is a weird world that we are entering

More in tandem than together

As my time has not yet come.

Usher us into a different rhythm,

Into new freedoms accompanied by different constraints.

Strengthen trust so that we–and I–may accept these changes with good grace and good humor.

Flood me with generosity enough to overcome anxiety.

Infuse me with gratitude enough to overcome envy.

Teach me, by his example, how to live a life more of being and less of doing

Knowing that wherever we are, whatever we do–or don’t do,

we are still your people.

Empower our faith that we may be faithful.


Barb Hedges-Goettl is interim pastor at Makemie Memorial Presbyterian Church in Snow Hill, MD. She and her husband Len moved to Rehoboth a year and a half ago in preparation for retirement. She has just over one year to go before Medicare kicks in, and will be eligible for full Social Security April 15, 2025.

One thought on “Thursday Prayer

  1. Hmm. Been not there but in the psychological vicinity. The company my husband worked for (a narrow skill set — Broadway and touring theatrical management and press agentry) closed when he was 64 and I was 61 but had done half-time ministry for years with writing. It was a dance of 6-week jobs, emotional shift for him, gigging and an understanding Conference Minister and congregation for me, not to speak of many kind people. May you find a new blessing equilibrium.


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