Help us, Opener of Eyes, to see you.

Even amidst the daily and mundane tasks that seem to occupy so much of our brains. Help us to look for the little moments when you appear in unexpected giggles, printers that obey, passwords that work the first time, tomatoes on sale when we need them.

Thank you, too, for the work that you’ve given us, this care for the cure of souls as St. Benedict said it, those souls for whom we must give an account. Help us to be joyful in our work, careful in our accounting, and as loving as you are as we offer your Good News and holy water to this very thirsty world.


Alicia Hager resides in West Michigan and is an ordained Deacon (transitional) in the Episcopal Church. Alicia enjoys spending time with her daughters and her husband, is bonkers about her cats, and blogs at

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