Narrative Lectionary: It’s all about love (1Corinthians13:1-13)

The apostle Paul, who wrote what has become known within and without the church as a wonderful love poem once persecuted Christians. He travelled long distances to round up and bring to trial those who had been convicted by Jesus teaching. Then, on those travels, he himself encountered the love of God – and found himself… Read More

Worship Words: Transfiguration Sunday (2/14) and Ash Wednesday (2/17)

Are you looking for some liturgical language that helps express where we are in these days? Here are some offerings from around the RevGals community, for you to use or adapt. Please give credit in video descriptions or manuscripts, but no verbal attribution is necessary.  TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY Prayer: Glory, by Christine Jerrett, posted on Christine… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Calling All Disciples

Here we are in Ordinary Time or Weeks after the Epiphany. Being in the US, today was rather extraordinary as a new President and Vice President have been sworn in. I am filled with emotion. And sermons still need to be preached. Disciples are being called. What will your call be? In the Narrative Lectionary… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Love Is Love Is Love

The photo is my favorite insulated portable tea mug. It reminds me of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award acceptance speech right after the Orlando massacre. “Love is love is love is love.” Whether you are in the RCL or the Narrative lectionary, there is lots of love talk this week. In the RCL gospel Jesus promises… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: The Challenge of Conflict (Acts 18:1-4; 1 Corinthians 1:10-18)

I once knew a man with a 1942 Indian motorcycle—an antique beauty of industrial design. He was invited to bring his motorcycle to a Vogue photo shoot in a stately home, on a gorgeous oriental rug. The nervous homeowner asked, “It doesn’t leak does it?” Without batting an eye, the man with the motorcycle answered,… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Pentecost Freedom (Romans 8:15-39)

Howard Thurman used to read the Bible to his grandmother. She was particular about the texts—he’d read the Psalms, some of Isaiah, and the Gospels “again and again.” But never the Pauline epistles except occasionally “the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians.” As a young college student, Thurman asked her why she would not let him… Read More

Narrative Lectionary Summer Series: Letter-Writing Occasions (2 Corinthians)

By Rev. Lia Scholl and Rev. Stephanie Anthony Overview   Books of the Bible rarely get much attention, but things were different when Second Corinthians was quoted by Donald Trump, back in January 2016. It made the news because Trump mistakenly called it “Two Corinthians.” He used it in a speech at Liberty University, quoting… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: holy, healing, hospitality, heart…

  Didja see what I did there?  Fancy ll’ alliteration trying to capture the essence of the discussions of the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary posts from earlier this week on our RevGalBlogPals site.  You can read those discussions here RCL: Weird, Fantastic, and Unbelievable and here Narrative Lectionary: It’s all about love (1Corinthians13:1-13) So now that… Read More

11th Hour Preachers Party: Holding in tension edition

This week’s RCL texts can be found here Are you preaching lament? Both David’s lament for his friend Jonathan and Psalm 130 take us there. Jairus’ daughter and the woman who touched Jesus garment take us into healing. And the reading from 2 Corinthians exhorts us to finish what we started: With that in mind,… Read More