Narrative Lectionary: Catching the hopeful vision (Joel 2:12 – 13, 28-29)

Joel seems to encapsulate a theme I’m often found preaching: Be the answer to your prayer. Its not enough to pray fervently unless we are prepared to be the means by which prayer is answered! The prophet seems to be saying the same things about prophecy – Don’t just listen and wait for fulfilment. Don’t… Read More

worship words for Advent 2

For some liturgical inspiration, since we know that many of us are struggling to find liturgical language adequate to the moment…Here we have some contributions from our RevGals community to help. Feel free to use as-is, adapt, or use for inspiration. If you use them in printed materials, please note the author and If… Read More

Narrative Lectionary Special Edition: Ash Wednesday (Psalm 23; John 10:1-18)

It’s possible that many NL preachers in denominations that observe Ash Wednesday will simply stick with the traditional texts from the RCL and so what their congregations expect. But just in case you’re not one of those gals/guys, here are some thoughts on using the texts assigned by our friends at Luther Seminary: Psalm 23… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Exalted and Humbled Edition

How do you pray? Between last week’s persistent widow and this week’s Pharisee and tax collector, there are lots of examples of prayer in Jesus’ teachings at this point in the lectionary. Will you be exploring the topic of prayer with your community this week? Alternately, the point about the humbled being exalted (and vice… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Dust and Temptation

A busy liturgical season is upon us with tomorrow’s arrival of Ash Wednesday. Your colleagues in RevGalBlogPals are walking with you, encouraging you, and sharing resources so that your Lenten journey is professionally supported and personally nourished. For today’s Lectionary Leanings on the Revised Common Lectionary, we dive into the fullness of this Lenten season with discussion of the… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: Mental Health Advocacy

On Easter Sunday morning, a young man on his way through the receiving line at church asked me, “Can Jesus heal my mental illness?” I was taken aback, not only at the very intimate question in a very public space, but also that my sermon about Mary’s grief at the tomb, about her willingness to… Read More

Ash Wednesday: Lectionaries

With all your heart, cries God through the prophet Joel. With a clean heart, prays the psalmist. With a heart set on heaven, teaches Jesus. (And for those preachers whose hearts are set on using the Narrative Lectionary texts for Ash Wednesday, check out this reflection on Psalm 23 and John 10:1-18.) Ash Wednesday’s Revised… Read More