Narrative Lectionary: Permission to Lament (Ruth 1:1-17)

Lament has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I carry it deep within my heart and right on the edge from where my tears pool. I feel it in my spirit, in the tightness of all of my muscles and within the stiffness of my too often clenched jaw. Maybe it’s because I… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Lovingkindness Personified (Ruth 1:1-17)

Tucked between a narrative telling of descent into chaos, and another telling of the rise of kings, we find Ruth (at least, that’s where we find her in the Christian bible). “In the days when judges ruled,” the story begins, and so it follows the book of Judges. But it tells the story of an… Read More

Big Event Edinburgh: The Pilgrim Way with Ruth Everhart (April 21-24, 2015)

with Ruth Everhart (author of Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land) Macdonald’s Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland Ruth writes: “The gift of pilgrimage changed my faith. All my life I’ve been immersed in Scripture, but most of my learning stayed above the neck, in the realm of ideas. As a pilgrim, I felt Scripture seeping… Read More

Worship Words for 6 June 2021

How is it June? Time during a pandemic is so strange. As different parts of the world are having very different experiences just now, it becomes ever more complex to figure out what to do, liturgically. Responses? Singing? Prerecorded online only? hybrid? zooming from the sanctuary with a live-in-person congregation at the same time? live… Read More

Worship Words for Trinity Sunday 2021

After a big week like Pentecost, sometimes our liturgical ideas for the following week can be a bit….underwhelming. Here are a few tidbits to get you started from other RevGals. Feel free to use them, or adapt, or let them spark your own writing! If you use them, please give credit in written forms/video descriptions,… Read More