Saturday Prayer: Lord, have mercy.

Kyrie eleison Christe eleison Kyrie eleison We watch  in  horror, eyes burning with tears, hearts screaming in pain, minds refusing to comprehend, can such evil be real? Lord Jesus, come quickly.   Barbara Bruneau is a recently retired Lutheran pastor living in southeastern Minnesota. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An… Read More

Friday Festival: Sources of Inspiration

This week, several of our bloggers reflect on sources of inspiration in their lives. In the Southern Hemisphere, this may be the time in late winter that creates the desire to hibernate or escape until the weather has turned warmer. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching that part of summer called the “dog days” that… Read More

Thursday Prayer

God of unexpected circumstances (is there any other kind, really?), you must roll your eyes as you watch us thinking we are in control, making plans as though they were ours to make, being afraid as though we had not heard your promise. And yet you don’t give up on us, you join us for… Read More

Friday Festival: The Journey

We often refer to Lent as a journey. Today I’m interested in what our bloggers are saying about some of the twists and turns, the stops and detours, along that journey. Katherine Doyle, writing at Just Katherine, tells of a powerful Good Samaritan experience by a member of her family. Joanna, writing at Spacious Faith,… Read More

Friday Festival: A Week like No Other

There’s been a lot for our bloggers to reflect on in the past week: the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Women’s March, the barrage of executive orders; accusations of manipulated numbers and alternate facts. Let’s take a quick tour of some thoughts about the week’s events and some ways to keep perspective in a chaotic… Read More