Friday Festival: “the Duke’s Mixture”

As I look through the posts that our bloggers have shared during the week, sometimes a theme emerges. This week, not so much. RevGal bloggers and their Pals have their minds on a myriad of things in this last week in October. (Fortunately, no premature Christmas decorations in the posts this week… at least, none… Read More

Friday Festival: Connections Made and Broken

Many of our bloggers spent time this week reflecting on the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and pondering the potential for humankind to learn anything at all from this senseless tragedy. There were posts about guns and gun control, about mental illness and unbridled evil, about seeing and stereotyping, on connection and isolation. For today’s… Read More

Friday Festival: Separation and Connection

The last few weeks have seen forces of separation and division that have come at us from many directions. Some are caused by human actions meant to divide (such as the widely renounced Nashville Statement), some are accidental, while others result from forces of nature (floodwaters in India, Texas, Nepal, and Bangladesh; fires in Montana).… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Take Up Your Cross

As ark-worthy rains poured down on the Texas gulf coast, news broadcasts were filled with films and stories of people doing whatever was necessary to help rescue others from the flood waters. Informal boat crews were formed to cruise neighborhood streets, looking for anyone who was trapped. Furniture stores opened their doors to give those… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Dimensions of the Journey

If they had known it would be forty years, would they have packed differently? would they have planned differently? would they have prepared differently? We do not know the dimensions of the journey to which you call us. We only hear you say… Follow me. Preach, teach, heal. Love others as yourself. Confront abusers of… Read More