The Pastoral is Political

I had the flu over Christmas.  I started to wonder if my symptoms were more real than psychosomatic the day of the Pageant dress rehearsal (Magi #1, my middle daughter, had been diagnosed three days before), but persevered through the Sunday morning performance.  I left church and went directly to the pharmacy walk-in clinic. It… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Minding the Gap, Mending the Gap

There’s a guy who comes to see me at church every couple months. He’s lived in his car for as long as I’ve known him, because shelters are not his speed, and most won’t allow his kitten anyway.  Just about every time he comes in, needing anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars, he’s got… Read More

If not the worst thing about being a part of the dominant culture, a close second

I have read many impassioned, thoughtful, posts this week about the wonder of anticipation, the joy of waiting, that is Advent, the season of preparation before Christmas. I’m sold. Or would be, if the temperature hadn’t dropped to record lows this past weekend, and if the snow hadn’t started falling, and sticking, yesterday.  But, alas,… Read More