RCL Commentary: Palm Sunday 2021: Living on Borrowed Time, Colts, and Promises

Mark 11:1-11   John 12:12-16 Approaching Jerusalem, Jesus paused. It had been another unsettling week for the disciples – a week full of parables they struggled to understand, an unexpected lunch with a tax collector, and a morbid take on this trip to Jerusalem. But seeing the city in the distance and knowing that ahead lay… Read More

RCL for Jan. 3, 2021. Why Is He Here?

Why is he here? And so it began—the long human wondering, imagining, arguing, asserting, interpreting, deciding, proclaiming, expanding, emphasizing, controlling, re-ordering, etc. of reasons for Immanuel, God with us. Yes, there was wondering before it happened. It was a particular responsibility, rich with meaning and a belonging held in trust by some and not others.… Read More