RCL for Jan. 3, 2021. Why Is He Here?

Why is he here? And so it began—the long human wondering, imagining, arguing, asserting, interpreting, deciding, proclaiming, expanding, emphasizing, controlling, re-ordering, etc. of reasons for Immanuel, God with us. Yes, there was wondering before it happened. It was a particular responsibility, rich with meaning and a belonging held in trust by some and not others.… Read More

RCL Advent I: Keep Awake!? You’re kidding, right?

Keep Awake!???  There it is in Mark’s Gospel reading for Advent I—”Keep awake.” (Mark 13:24-37) Hmmm. I don’t actually know anyone who is getting a good night’s sleep. Do you? Between the pandemic and it’s ancillary product line of economic, social, political, and religious turmoil, the people I know want more strategies for getting asleep… Read More

Monday Prayer

Thank you, God, for the way my cat stretches out long beside me on the bed, showing me his perfect white soft tummy—but won’t let me touch it. Sometimes it’s like that between you and me. I feel safe, accepted, and resting alongside you. I luxuriate in the certainty of your love, and stretch out… Read More

Monday Prayer

Dear God, I have some catching up to do with you. There are things chasing me down. Things from years ago when I thought setting them aside meant they could be left behind. They are not. And now, years later, I feel them even more–mistakes I can’t undo, my wrong words echoing still, what I… Read More