Revised Common Lectionary August 29, 2021. Into The Stew of Anger

This past week, the Rev. Michelle L. Torigian offered us a powerful and prophetic lament in the tradition of the psalmist. ( She wrote about anger in her life and our lives. She wrote about anger in the Bible and anger in communities of faith. She did not try to “solve” anger, instead talking about… Read More

RCL: July 4, 2021 Questions for the Crossroads

July 5 2021   Questions for the Crossroads Folks like me who work disasters and critical events know that as we begin to move out of the worst dangers a crossroads is created for many people. There, decisions are made about relationships, careers, jobs, education, retirement plans, moving house, family life, financial priorities, faith and more.… Read More

Monday Prayer: Sun, Birds, Flowers & A World Both Troubled and Blessed

My Life’s Companion, Friend of All, Good morning. Sun is shining. Birds started singing so early today it was like they couldn’t wait any longer to wake us up. With morning broken, their song is even louder. They are giddy with sun-ripening currants on the bush and their first young ones finally flown the nest.… Read More