The Pastoral is Political: Waiting for Justice

Advent is by far my favorite liturgical season. This time of quiet reflection and expectant waiting, with the multiple meanings that it carries is always a rich one for me personally. The themes of a fertile darkness where things grow and change, the eschatological hope for justice through God’s realm on earth, and all of it… Read More

Not an “Issue”

One of the hardest parts about being a person of faith committed to justice is when basic human dignity is made a political issue. Transgender people are not an “issue,” and their humanity is not up for debate. Transgender people, like all other people, are human beings, created in the image of God, deserving of… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Critical Thinking

Last week was a rough one in the United States. The Republican National Convention displayed for all the world to see just how easy it is for us humans to be persuaded by appealing to our fears and prejudices. And the Democratic National Convention is starting off under a similar cloud this week. Last week,… Read More

Pastoral is Political: Casting Out Fear

Last week a colleague from Australia asked me via Facebook a question that I imagine a lot of non-U.S. folks are asking about the United States these days. “What is going on over there?” She was referring to the bills in Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas and now Mississippi that basically criminalize being transgender and (in… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Foolish Hope?

On Sunday, like most of the members of this RevGal group, I have to preach an Advent word into a world that seems to become more violent and more broken by the minute. It’s hard to know just how to do that faithfully. Certainly the season of Advent is about hope, but hope seems like… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Standing With Planned Parenthood

A series of misleading videos put out by an anti-abortion group has given rise to yet another movement by some policymakers to cut all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. At the Religious Institute, we have been in the forefront of the movement to remind the general public, the media, and policymakers that people of faith… Read More