Thursday Prayer: disrupting the status quo

Dear God, Make us in your likeness: that we might disrupt what is taken for granted, and be challengers of the status quo that privileges the normative white, straight, able-bodied. Nourish us with the stories of our forebears: that their actions might fuel prophetic imaginations in our own time. Equip and empower us to work… Read More

Thursday Prayer: for dropped balls and endless to-do lists

As jobs slide off the to-do list and are anxiously remembered: grace As balls are dropped and others are lost in the stretch to pick them up: grace As holiday cards sit, stampless on the dining room table: grace With this breath, in this moment: grace May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (that… Read More

Thursday Prayer: a blessing for a clergywoman

May God bless you this day: May God’s presence undergird your days: sustaining you in hope, indwelling you in peace, encouraging you in faith. May you find freedom and room to breathe when the space seems narrow; may you find boldness and clarity when you are called to speak truth to power;  may you find… Read More