Thursday Prayer: God is good at loving

Dear God, I want to write lofty prayers,aspirations of laying down and picking up(worry/trust; judgment/compassionoverfunctioning/boundaries.) I want to be fullof the spirit of the season. I want to be creativeand prayerfuland have meaningful things to say. I want to be good at it.At Lent.At liturgy.At loving. But this is the season of fasting.Of letting go… Read More

Thursday Prayer: New Year’s Eve

  This is a prayer for anyone who is not readyfor the New Year yet.Who is not readyto move on yet.Who doesn’t have energy for “New Year New You”. Who is still in the grief of it all,who isn’t ready to be gratefulfor it right now,or to turn all hard times into “growth”. This is a prayerfor anyone… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Hope

Every daywe move the solstice sunone day along our Advent spiraland this weekwe name our hopes. We hope for reform of the welfare system,for an end to cisheteropatriarchy,for the smashing of white supremacyand other, smaller hopes:for a good writing day,for peaceful sleep,for a friend to be comforted,and so we pray. God, our hopes are wildand… Read More

Thursday Prayer: a prayer of showing up, together

Dear God.I have written prayersfor others to praywith carefully crafted wordsand evocative imagery. I have written prayersabout having no words,the prayers of feet pacing hallways,the prayers of our tears. I have outlined a box in my journalempty of words or images.A space marking a prayer. I have danced my prayersknitted my prayersdrawn my prayers. And… Read More