Thursday Prayer: Like Anna and Simeon

Dear God, I have been thinking about Anna and Simeon, about how long they waited, how long they persevered. Give me perseverance. I am not always very good at hoping. I get all superstitious as if the act of hoping will make something less likely to happen (my mother said a watched pot never boils).… Read More

Thursday prayer: praying, trusting, hoping.

Dear God Today we are praying, praying with our hands: counting carol candles typing to-do lists putting crayons in containers sharing communion in hospitals and homes. Today we are praying, praying with our bodies: walking the dog packing food parcels dealing with laundry locating the Christmas star. Today we are praying, praying with our voices:… Read More

Thursday Prayer: A blessing for surgery

A prayer for one who is having surgery. Blessed be God, source of life and goodness, present with us now. Blessed be your body, receiving healing from the hands of the surgeons, in medicine swallowed, in the love of family and friends, in breathing and being. Blessed be your body, persevering in seeking truth, in… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Tarore of Waharoa

Today in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia we remember and give thanks for the life of Tarore of Waharoa, a 12-year-old Māori girl who died in 1836. This information about her life is by Archbishop Sir David Moxon. Tarore was the daughter of the Maori chief Ngakuku. She studied at the… Read More