Thursday Prayer: a prayer against conversion therapy

Dear God, The politicians where I live were voting to begin the process of banning “conversion therapy” today. (It isn’t really therapy – it increases distress and diminishes and destroys, so kind of the opposite of therapy really) We have had to hear all kinds of nonsense, purportedly on your behalf, as if you are… Read More

Thursday Prayer: blessed are reconnections

Blessed are the reconnections: the sharing of a conversation in the garden, the carefully-spaced worshippers all in a room together, the fully-vaccinated family members who can finally hug. Blessed are the reconnections: the “how are you doing?” text, the “thinking of you” note in the mail, the “I miss you” phone call. Blessed are the… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Chocolate

Dear God,This prayer isn’t very poetic,and it isn’t very Lenten either.But I’d like to thank you for chocolate.Most particularly I’d like to thank you for the chocolate almondsI ate yesterday afternoon,after going to a funeral and before seeing a client,that sustained me physically,and kind of emotionally too. I’d like to thank you for chocolate in general,especially… Read More

Thursday Prayer: God is good at loving

Dear God, I want to write lofty prayers,aspirations of laying down and picking up(worry/trust; judgment/compassionoverfunctioning/boundaries.) I want to be fullof the spirit of the season. I want to be creativeand prayerfuland have meaningful things to say. I want to be good at it.At Lent.At liturgy.At loving. But this is the season of fasting.Of letting go… Read More

Thursday Prayer: New Year’s Eve

  This is a prayer for anyone who is not readyfor the New Year yet.Who is not readyto move on yet.Who doesn’t have energy for “New Year New You”. Who is still in the grief of it all,who isn’t ready to be gratefulfor it right now,or to turn all hard times into “growth”. This is a prayerfor anyone… Read More