Thursday Prayer: a blessing for a clergywoman

May God bless you this day: May God’s presence undergird your days: sustaining you in hope, indwelling you in peace, encouraging you in faith. May you find freedom and room to breathe when the space seems narrow; may you find boldness and clarity when you are called to speak truth to power;  may you find… Read More

Thursday Prayer: like a bird

Dear Holy Spirit, A sacred kingfisher came to sit on the fence today and I was having an Important Conversation about identity and vocation, about solid ground, tūrangawaewae, a place to stand; and I was reminded that birds do not exist only on solidity: they perch on branches that sway, and on telegraph wires; they… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch

Thank you God, for our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch, baptised into your life a forebear in the family of Christ. Thank you for all of our forebears, and siblings who are embodied in ways that disrupt heteropatriarchal norms; who are part of the family you are making: gay and lesbian inside and outside of gender… Read More