Thursday Prayer: Our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch

Thank you God, for our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch, baptised into your life a forebear in the family of Christ. Thank you for all of our forebears, and siblings who are embodied in ways that disrupt heteropatriarchal norms; who are part of the family you are making: gay and lesbian inside and outside of gender… Read More

Thursday Prayer: the eyebrows of Jesus!

Your bright, compassionate eyes look kindly on all who ask You for grace and mercy, in love. Blessed be Your eyes, eyelids and wonderful eyebrows! May Your lovely, kind vision be praised forever. Amen. Birgitta of Sweden in Incandescence (Butcher, 2005) Dear Jesus, To be fair, I have never considered your eyebrows, nor your intestines. So… Read More

Thursday Prayer: for mechanics and musicians

For mechanics and musicians we give you grateful thanks; For street-sweepers and statisticians we give you grateful thanks; For receptionists and researchers we give you grateful thanks; For bakers and candle-makers we give you grateful thanks; For bus drivers and baristas we give you grateful thanks; For planners and pattern-makers we give you grateful thanks;… Read More