Thursday Prayer: Corpus Christi

We thank you, Gracious God, for all the ways in which we are sustained: by heartbeat and breath; by food and drink; by medicine; by the love of friends; by rhythms of exercise and rest; by your grace, always by your grace. On this day we particularly give you thanks for Jesus: Living Bread. Whether… Read More

Thursday Prayer: decent and disorderly

Dear God, In the part of your church I’m from we like to talk about worship being done decently and in order. We are busy writing prayers, crafting liturgy and dressing the building for Pentecost: that day when we celebrate your life-giving Spirit, poured out on all flesh. Help us not to be so concerned… Read More

Friday Festival: Advent continues

It is late in Advent.  Some of us are weary, some stressed, some relieved to be nearly done. In the midst of all that here is some reading for refreshment. Rosa shares the beauty of a home visit to a priest with dementia, and the ways the words of Advent engage him. Melissa shares Joseph’s… Read More

Friday Festival: A seasonal edition

Tonight, in the suburb where I live, it was Midnight Madness.  The main street was closed, there were food trucks and performers and the Christmas tree at the top of the hill had the lights turned on, and the main street was lit up and now, officially, the holiday season has begun. Of course there… Read More