Friday Prayer: TGIF/MGIF

God, While those around us are thanking you that it’s Friday, We are trying not to use your name in vain as we realize, My Goodness Gracious, It’s Friday Already! The week has passed. Sunday looms. And we’re ready. Or not. Either way, this weekend: Grant us wisdom in deciding what to do and what… Read More

Friday Prayer: Full Lives

God, My head is full Of thoughts and questions, of arguments and indecisions. My heart is full Of love and anger, longing and confusion. My schedule is full Of appointments and to-do lists, errands and meetings. My life is full, As it should be. But sometimes I fear it is not full of the right… Read More

Friday Prayer: Rest

“Come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”—Matthew 11:28 God, We come to you After the liturgical intensity of Advent, After the logistical demands of Christmas Eve, After the heavy pastoral care load of the holiday season, After the shopping and wrapping and baking, After… Read More

Wit’s Ends Day: Reviewing the Review

We just finished a pastor/congregation evaluation process at my church. Actually, our consultant says that this is just the beginning! We have exciting work ahead as we explore the summary documents! We should read through them prayerfully every night and consider what God is saying to us through the words of our co-congregants! What an… Read More