Saturday Prayer

From the violent actions of others, From the violence of our systems, From the violence within our own hearts, Prince of Peace, save us. For our weapons and our walls, For our raids and our cells, For the fear and hatred we harbor, God of love, forgive us. In our exhaustion, In our confusion, In… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Today as a Gift

Generous God, Let me receive this day as a gift: Each conversation a chance to connect with your Spirit in someone else; Each obligation a sign that I am appreciated, trusted, part of a community; Each bite of food an invitation to gratitude for earth’s resources and human effort; Each note of music a hymn… Read More

Wits’ Ends Day: An Honest Sabbatical Grant Application

I’m in the midst of writing a grant application for some sabbatical and other continuing education funding. It’s so hard to write what I think I should say–and so much more fun to write this version of what I want to say. (Also, if you are a reviewer for the actual grant application process I am applying to, please… Read More